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Technical revolution for blue collor workers

Domestic Workers

Domestic or blue collor workers are often left on their own. We, the privileged ones, never pay attention to their hiring and the uncertain circumstances they are going through. For us, they are just another part of society. But if we look upon closely, they have positive and, in some cases, negative effects on our lives. In this contemporary world, it’s important that we take some time out of our lives and think about these domestic workers who are having such a crucial impact on our society. Safe Pakistan Welfare Trust has just done that and all you need to do is to play your part in building a better world.


The worst part of discussing the issues is we ignore one side of the story. Domestic workers are not the only one who suffers, their employees go through different chaos altogether.

Domestic workers:

We are not the USA, or China, or the UK, who have a developed economy. We are still in a growing stage where poverty is ever increasing. Inflation affects even mediocre families, so how can we expect our domestic workers to deal with it.

These domestic workers are already working on not-enough salaries and are finding it hard to make ends meet. When they are faced with any uncertain condition for example this COVID phase, they turn to their employer for financial assistance. And in many cases, at least in my experience and the experiences of my closed ones, the employer helps them as much as they could but that’s not ample for the affected ones to cover the expenses needed to overcome that uncertain condition. Or in some cases, the employer refuses to help because the amount needed is too much


To ease the burden of the employer and still be able to help the needy, Safe Pakistan Welfare Trust has come up with a solution. The employer can manage the medical insurance of the worker at an unimaginable price. Yes, from just 50 to 125 PKR rupees per month, the employer can have medical insurance for his employee. We that sounds too much affordable


The crime rate is proportional to poverty. And many household crimes are committed by the domestic workers or they are involved in it somehow. Thus, the employer finds it difficult to trust his employee or in some cases to hire an employee.


Tasdeeq has a solution for that too. They are working with police and law enforcement agencies to keep a record of the domestic workers. The workers will be registered through the application and police will track their criminal records. The employers will find all the necessary information before hiring their domestic employee and it will help the workers to find suitable jobs. In the end, it’s a win-win for both parties. what else can you ask for.

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