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Google and Apple removed Fortnite from their app stores

Fortnite Removed From App Stores

Fortnite developer Epic is charging Apple and Google after the removed a game from their app stores over direct-payment disputes. Right now, neither are allowing users to download and install Fortnite on phones by their digital marketplaces.

Fortnite would lose 30% of the revenue made through the in-app purchases made by the Google and Apple App Stores, compared to games downloaded directly from Epic Games. The developer of the game updated for both versions of Fornite that allow users to pay Epic instantly for in-app purchases. Fortnite is a free game but users have to pay for in-game weapons and skins.

Commenting on the matter Epic Games mentioned in a blog post that the company was introducing Epic Direct payments, a direct payment plan for iOS and Play store. The game developer further added that the new system is the same fee system it makes use of to process payments on PC and Mac computers as well as Android devices.

Apple said in a statement,
“Epic enabled a function in its app which was not reviewed or accepted by Apple, and they did so with the express intent of violating the App Store guidelines relating to in-app payments that apply to each developer who sells digital goods or services.”

Google also said in a statement,
“The open Android ecosystem lets developers distribute apps by multiple app stores. For game developers who select to use the Play Store, we’ve consistent policies that are fair to developers and maintain the store secure for users.”

After the removal, Fortnite will still be available on Android users just not through the Play store. Android users will have the opportunity to download the Fortnite from other app stores like Samsung Galaxy Store on Samsung devices. For iPhone users, there’s no such possibility available.

Epic Games took to Twitter to reveal that it would start a new short movie known as “Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite,” a seeming parody of Apple’s iconic “1984” commercial that launched the Macintosh computer.

After this happening, Epic Games filed a complaint against Apple within the US District Court in Northern California for the removal of the app from the App store. It later filed a case against Google over alleged antitrust violations.

Apple’s and Google’s decisions to ban Fortnite from their respective app stores marks a dramatic growth within the debate between the tech giants, the developers that make applications for their devices, and regulators thinking about analyzing it all. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android software collectively power almost all the world’s mobile phones. That effect has remade the tech business and the larger world economy, helping bring to life businesses like ride-hailing and delivery companies like Uber, game maker Zynga, and ByteDance’s TikTok social network.

But the company’s management over their respective platforms has drawn complaints from some developers who say Apple forces developers to pay commissions for any purchases made on apps, with no alternative. And they complain Google forces partners to bundle and promote its personal applications on their devices. Both companies have also been accused of building in choice for their respective apps, rather than allowing fair competitors.

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