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Explanation of computer security, and it’s importance


Computer security is also known as cybersecurity or Information technology security that is the protection of computer systems and networks from any malware or any damages to their hardware and software. It is the process of checking and finding unusual use of our computer systems. In other words, computer security is defined as protecting computer systems that connect through the networks.

Components of CyberSecurity:

HARDWARE: It is the physical part of the computer like the system memory and hard disk drive.

SOFTWARE: It is the collection of computer programs that tell the computer how to perform.

FIRMWARE: It is a piece of software that stored permanently into Read-only Memory(ROM)

Cybersecurity is concerned with four main areas:

Confidentiality: It refers to protecting information from unauthorized users.

Integrity: It refers to only an authorized person can modify any data.

Availability: It means only authorized users can access information from the system.

Importance of Computer Security:

Computer security is very important because it helps to keeps your information secure. All organizations have to update their data on the internet on daily basis and without the use of any proper security issues, the data on the internet might not be safe and there are chances to someone steal your data on the internet. Day-to-Day increases in cyber-criminals so the organizations have to handle sensitive information have to take extra protection to secure the information and stop the breaching of the information.

There are multiple ways of protecting your computers. One of the most important security is two-factor authentication, it is a security in which users provide two different authentications to verify themselves. This method secures your computer from an unauthorized user or hacker. Another way is to set a strong password and change your password regularly it will help you to protect your computer.

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